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Major Patrick Levis Testimonial

Major Patrick Levis received an $11,000  tennis wheelchair he hopes will take him to the next Paralympic Games.  He’s well on his way, having already made the BC Wheelchair Tennis Team.  He has a permanent leg injury.  Here is his testimonial….

I wish to share with you my experiences as a veteran dealing with a mobility disability. Ever since becoming disabled over 3 years ago, I was scared because I was not prepared for it, didn’t know what to expect, and how to deal with daily pain. I lost a part of my identity and freedom. That is why sports is important because it give me a sense of pride, joy and strength. The benefits of sports are underrated as it gives you the mental and physical strength to overcome weaknesses, both physical and mental and live a happier life.

Since I could no longer do sports and activities I once enjoyed doing, I had to find alternatives. Being disabled meant doing sports in a wheelchair or sitting down. Even though different sports associations exists whom loan out wheelchairs at a cost, they are not adjusted to your body. When you become competitive at national level, you need the proper equipment. Thanks to Gallant Knights, I was provided a customized wheelchair for tennis. I have seen my game improved by being more mobile on the court.

 Once again, thank you to Gallant Knights for supporting veterans through sports.


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