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PO2 (Ret’d) Lisa Nilsson Testimonial

Lisa Nilsson received a $13,000 battery-assisted, recumbent hand cycle so she can ride with her young family on outings to the park.  She has a permanent back injury.  What follows is Lisa’s testimonial of how her quality of life has improved after receiving the recumbent bicycle.

So I wanted to send you a note to talk about my experience with Gallant Knights and the kindness they have given me. 

I served almost 21 years in the CAF, from June 2000, until December 2020. I sustained a variety of injuries during my service both Mentally and physically. Most recently as a result of an accident in 2019, thru my participation during the Warrior Games in Tampa, which left me with long lasting and permanent injuries to my cervical and lumbar spine. In late 2020, I was approached by Gallant Knights, to be a recipient of sporting equipment. I had asked for a handcycle, so that I could maintain and improve my physical health, as well as being able to do physical activities with my children that I am not able to do as a result of my injuries sustained during service. 

In September 2021, I graciously received my handcycle. Since receiving it, I have it hard to express in words the thanks I feel, and how much it has given me, not only my freedom back, but also my dignity. I can be more independent now because of my handcycle, which has increased my ability to do many things and participate in activities that I would otherwise be unable to do because of my wheelchair, such as going to the beach. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have and the effect receiving this gift has had on me, not only as a person, a veteran, but a mother as well. 

Organizations like Gallant Knights and the people involved and donations received, have had such a positively profound and life long effect on Veterans such as myself. By fully purchasing sporting equipment, such as my handcycle have done more for my wellbeing than a gym membership (for example) ever could. I have a hard time even leaving home and property, in part due to my Mental Health injuries in combination with my spinal injuries, and the gift of my handcycle enables me to leave my home thereby giving me some quality of life.

Please take my words and experiences with Gallant Knights, I hope that they can be of help to you, so that you can continue to provide this much needed service and support to other veterans on their road or path to recovery, which will increase their quality of life, as it did for me. 

Sincerely and respectfully,

Lisa Nilsson, CD, PO2 (ret.)”

In addition, she posted a video testimonial on her Facebook:

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